I’m an escapist kind of writer. ~ Maeve Binchy

It seems that every popular writer/author that I admire and adore are passing away too soon and so suddenly. I can only wish that one day I will leave some kind of memory of my written words on others, to be affected and moved, if not in the least, for someone to identify with my writing whether you love or hate it. I never had the chance to read all of Maeve Binchy’s books, but love her book “The Maeve Binchy Writer’s Club” as much as “Circle of Friends”. Her advice on living writer’s life, how to write and get published has that Irish humor where you felt she was talking to you directly, like a girlfriend at the pub, making you laugh, encouraging you to keep on writing no matter what. Reading it, makes me feel like I’m part of her writing circle, it stands on my bookshelf of favorites.

Maeve Binchy could not have been more opposite from Nora Ephron in almost every way but both their wit and warmth shine through in their stories. They showed their love of family and friends, the trials of these relationships, the inner strength of a woman’s survival over adversity, and most of all, the humor that reminds you life is worth living when you can laugh about the bumps along the road.

Maeve Binchy

Like Nora Ephron, I would have loved to have met her or been blessed to have known her. Good women writers are not hard to come by, but a good female writer, who is known for her kindness and generosity are the ones who’ll be remembered.

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