Tips for Writing Historical Fiction

I love reading writer’s tips and advice. Sometimes it helps not having to buy a million “how-to” books when your bookshelf is full. I love historical fiction and have wondered myself aside from knowing research is involved, how to go about it. Here’s my “Friday Find” from DIY-MFA (Do It Yourself-MFA):

Top 10 Tips for Writing Historical Fiction by Leanna Renee Hieber « DIY MFA.


2 thoughts on “Tips for Writing Historical Fiction

  1. strugglingactivist says:

    That’s interesting guidance. I’m reading The French Lieutenants Woman by John Fowles, have you read it? Its basically about writing historical fiction and the problems with it, very interesting,

    • gwenhardin says:

      Sadly, no not yet, I’d love to but have only seen the movie version. I never knew that! I’ll definitely move it up on my book list of must reads! Thanks for the suggestion!

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