Music Review-Paul Oakenfold

Oakenfold: Faster Kill Pussycat featuring Brittany Murphy

Maxi Single Review by: Gwen Ridoloso


Once again of one the most famous DJs in the world, Paul Oakenfold has spun a dance song that sets us on the right dance path for the summer. Faster Kill Pussycat featuring Brittany Murphy-the maxi single, from his album “A Lively Mind” gives electro beats in six different versions of this song from other well known DJs, Roman Hunter, Nat Monday, Liam Shachar and Eddie Baez. Each mix master lends their own flavor to this hypnotic, sexy groove sung with the complimentary raspy voice of actress/singer Brittany Murphy. You get a smorgasborg variety of one song that takes you on an almost forty minute trip to the club, some you may press repeat on and others for a quick beat master fix.

This maxi single first introduces you to the album version to prep you for the coming sets. The Roman Hunter sets the tone on your “pussycat” joyride. You lose yourself feeling as if your in a hidden rave in the desert with a thousand people moving and letting go. The cd then eases into the Club Mix. The Club Mix sways you on a natural high where you can’t stop which works well with the next mix. Nat Monday’s Mix switches into high gear with deep fast house techno beats placing you in the center of a hypnotic dance mood similar to feeling of riding a bullet train that won’t stop with Brittany’s voice as your only guide. You then move into Liam Shachar’s Mix which has a Euro eighties flow while the vocals echo in and out like a siren’s call in the ocean. Then to bookend this musical dance ride is Eddie Baez’s Future Disco Mix which drops you in a Latin liquid dance of drum beats where the Oakenfold’s Faster Kill Pussycat has you ready for more again.

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