The Writing Life

It’s Writer’s Room Wednesday, and what better way to find out what it’s like to be a writer for those aspiring and those who are published on what a “typical” day is like for them.


One of my favorite sites is The Writers Alley. They are a group of female writers or “Alley Cats” as they call themselves, juggling family life with their writing time, that contribute to the blog, taking turns on a daily basis (except for the weekends) about a specific writing topic. I enjoyed reading this post about their writing life, which is similar to mine on some days, good and bad, depending which way the wind blows. I wish there was more structure to mine, and hopefully may just get it, once my son starts nursery school this fall on a part time basis. Then, I will finally have my “writing life” back to myself. Enjoy!

The Writing Life

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