Time to Write

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“You don’t find time to write. You make time. It’s my job.”

– Nora Roberts

It’s Monday, the first day of my Writer’s Contract, and so far-not good. I didn’t wake up early like I planned, and I didn’t even set the alarm. My best excuse which is true, was because I chose to be a reader-knowing the consequences the next day. I was up til’ late in to the a.m. hours reading my latest book purchase, Deborah Harkness’s “Shadow of Night”, the second book of her All Souls Trilogy. A good story affects anyone of all ages, you are lost in another world and become part of the book. Like any engrossed reader, I couldn’t put the book down. A writer should be able to forgive their self at least for that reason alone. I’m just sayin’. Which brings me back to the reality of not writing during the best time of day for me, at 5a.m. before my family is up and tugging at my “apron strings”. I still have until 5:30p.m. today to write my one hour of only writing without any disturbance. I’m just bummed it wasn’t the first thing in the day I did.

Being a stay at-home mom, I know it means staying flexible yet staying focused with my  time management. It’s not easy, and only seasoned professionals can do it seamlessly. I’m not a Type-A person although I wish I was sometimes. I’m learning as I go like and promise myself my writing will get done today. So, like the quote by Nora Roberts, but with a dash of Gwen on top. “I make time. No excuses”.

Here’s some tips that you might find helpfull:

The Truth About Finding Time To Write.

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